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Badger Gro Tech offers a large variety of Microgreens for local restaurants and busineses. All Microgreens are sold and delivered live ready to cut in 10x10 and 10x20 flats. This ensures the freshest microgreens to our customers and yours.

See list below of our current varieties, Additional varieties available upon request. 

  • amaranth, garnet red

  • arugula

  • basil, genovese

  • basil, red rubin

  • basil blend,genovese/red rubin

  • basil, cinnamon

  • bulls blood (beets)

  • borage

  • broccoli

  • cabbage, red rock

  • cabbage, pac choi

  • carrot micro

  • chervil

  • chives

  • cilantro

  • cress

  • dill

  • fennel, green

  • kale, kx-1

  • kale, kalefetti blend

  • lettuce, Romaine Micro

  • Lettuce, Mixed Greens

  • Lettuce, cimmaron

  • mustard, barbarossa

  • mustard, golden frills

  • mustard, red giant

  • mustard, ruby streaks

  • mustard, scarlet frills

  • mizuna, central red

  • mizuna, red kingdom

  • parsley, dark green italian

  • parsley, triple moss curled

  • Pea Shoots, speckled

  • pea shoots, dun

  • pea shoots, snow

  • radish, purple sango

  • radish, red rambo

  • radish, triton

  • Radish, daikon

  • Radish, confetti

  • sunflower shoots

  • swiss chard, ruby red

  • salad blend, basic

  • salad blend, spicy

interested in a sample flat or placing a order?

Microgreen Varieties
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